Friday, May 25, 2012

Make and Takes

Went to the Make and Takes at Life's Memories and More. Took my friend Lillian with me. I think she enjoyed it and will probably go back.

Most cards were geared to Fathers Day but since I only have one father, I used Happy Birthday. They will work for many of my male relatives.

And I have a shot of a card that I made at home while playing with my goddaughter Katie, an extremely talented paper crafter who is only 12! This card is made with a coffee snuggy (is that the right word) from Wawa in Virginia. Love Wawa! If you haven't ever visited one - it is a gas station and convenience store and it is clean and friendly and they make hot sandwiches and milk shakes and have the best coffee bar. Yum!

I used some distress paint and threw on some glitter while the paint was wet. Katie showed me the technique, btw. Told you she's a clever paper crafter. And a clever girl!

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  1. Great cards, Mary! I really like the one Katie did. Did she think this one up by herself? IF so, She has the artistic eye!! Beautiful work!