Tuesday, June 22, 2010

portfolio class at Life's Memories and More

Last Saturday morning I took a class with Katherine at Life's Memories and More in Palmer, MA. It was great. I loved the various techniques and especially the Smooch glitter spray. Katherine made a box for us to use for spraying that reminded me of a mini body shop. A car shop, people!! Anyway, the Smooch spray really added a lot to the projects and I finally learned the proper way to use the bone folder. I had not been using it correctly and had pretty much given up on it. I also used some of the leftover materials to make a mini card for a coworker who is crazy about butterflies. I thought it came out nicely.

Lilies in the Garden

Here are some photos I took of my garden the other night. They are close up shots so that the weeds are practically invisible. My poor husband has been fighting with the weeds and the humidity, trying to keep everything presentable. We have quite a big yard so it is a lot of work.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Recent cards

Made some adorable cards at the Make and Take last week at Life's Memories and More. Also signed up for a class while I was there.
Anyway, Dee designed the card with the dragonfly on it, and it moves. There are two buttons glued together under the dragonfly and they are inserted in such a way that they glide along the card. Pretty clever, I think. Of course, I made one for my sister, Josephine, who loves dragonflies.

I made a Father's Day card for the old boy, but the photo didn't come out well. It is a cut out of a beer stein. I think he will like it and I'll get him some N/A beer to go with it because that is what he drinks. We are going to our daughter's house in West Springfield, for a Father's Day barbecue. Hopefully, I'll remember the camera this time.

And BFF, Kim, had three dress cards for the Make and Take. I made two of them. She had us doing all sorts of techniques - stamping, cutting, punching, embossing, it was great fun. I do like the little black dress card especially, even though it is the simpler of the two.
I also made a beautiful card with a pretty blue bird but I already mailed it to a friend in Long Island and forgot to take a photo. Oh well...


I took a shot of The Fat Man, aka Ginger, before I snagged him to bring him in for the night. He would stay out all night if he could but I like to have all eight of them in at night. I sleep better knowing they are all safe and accounted for. Ginger is the entertainer of the cat world. We never know what he will do next.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

I was confused when BFF Kim D. suggested I participate in the Aloha Fun Rak, not having a clue what that acronym stood for. Now I know! Thank goodness for Kim, my scrapbooking guru. I am making a card with a button theme. And RAK for those like me, stands for Random Act of Kindness, meaning that you send something additional and theme related with your card.

So, within the next few days, I will have a photo of my card. I'll also post the cards from yesterday's Make and Takes at Life's Memories and More in Palmer, MA, the best scrapbooking store, ever!!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

birthday celebration

Last Saturday was Michael's birthday so of course, I made him a card. He is a lover of Hawaiian shirts, althoug I'm not sure why. He's never been to Hawaii.

My sister made and decorated a cake for him using her son's Star Wars figurines, because Michael is a fan.

Douglas, the one with the Star Wars figures, just got his purple belt in karate so I made my first popup card for him. I played to my audience, naturally, with many shots of Douglas.

I am hoping that Michael, my personal computer guru, can show me how to intersperse my photos throughout the text instead of having them all appear at the beginning, which I really don't like.
Anyway, next posting will be of this amazing cat book that my BFF Kim made for me and personalized the pages for each of my eight (yes, I know that I'm insane) cats. Wait till you see that.